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Laptop or Tablet?

March 29, 2013
Laptop or tablet

Laptop or Tablet which is best for you?

The Golden question, one that i am asked all too often, there a  number of things you need to take into consideration when you are confronted with this decision, and i am going to list them all below.

  • What are you hoping to use the laptop or tablet for?
  • Have you ever used a tablet before?
  • Direct comparison between the two products

These would be the main points that need to be covered, which i am going to do my best to in this article, thus helping you to make an informed decision with as little a biased view as possible. I mean lets face it, we all have “that friend” who swears blind that Apple products are the best thing since sliced bread with little or no evidence to back the claim up, now i’m not hear to say here nor there but what i am saying is, it is easy for this sort of influence to cloud your judgement and effect what you decide to purchase. So i am going to try and keep this as un-biased as possible, so if you did decide to go out to a store and purchase one, you are less likely to be suckered into the “technical” jargon that may be thrust upon you when you enter your local IT wholesaler.

What will your Laptop or Tablet primarily be used for?

So, what are you going to be using your new laptop or tablet for? Are you just looking for something that is capable of surfing the net, and doing the basics such as checking your emails, maybe a bit of Facebook, or eBay. If this fits your bill then a tablet is definatley a viable option for you. Whereas if you were hoping for something a little more demanding such as playing the latest 3D games, or if your into photoshop which is a tool for photo editing which would be considered as demanding by most users standards. Then you are going to need to opt for a laptop over a tablet, even though with every new release of tablets they are getting more graphically advanced with increased CPU and RAM i seriously doubt they will ever be marketing towards photoshop or anything that demanding as much as i would love to be proved wrong.

Have you ever used a Tablet before?

Well have you? It is very easy to get drawn into the hype of the adverts on TV such as Apples ad for their new iPad 4 which to date is their most powerful tablet yet. They are especially good at marketing their products and i have chosen them as an example partially because of this, and the fact they are markert leader in terms of tablet sales, but also the other reason i personally own the iPad 4. For those of you that have never used a tablet before i strongly suggest you do before you go online and buy one, you can do this by trying out a friends or going to your local Apple store and play about with the iPad’s on display. You may find that beneath the glitz and the glam of the TV adds that you simply just can’t get on with a touch screen device, also another gauge for this would be if you have a smart phone that has a touchscreen and you are ok with it, you will probally cope with a tablet.

Laptop or Tablet – Direct comparison

A brief overview of the two will show you that you can pick up a new iPad direct from apple for around the £400 mark, which coincidentally is around the same price you can expect to pay for a low to medium spec laptop depending on the make and model. It all boils down to screen size , touchscreen or traditional mouse and keyboard, would you prefer to have a 10″ screen to look at that you can physically interact with “touching” or would you prefer a 15.6″ (normally) standard screen with a full size QWERTY keyboard. Obviously you can get the attachment for a number of tablets that allow you to in effect bolt on a small keyboard, for those of you that dont want to type up emails on a screen. As well as the above portability must also come into question, a 10″ tablet is going to be much easier to carry about that a full size laptop, especially if you want something you can use on the tube or the bus, a tablet would be much easier to use in these conditions.

In conclusion i think that if you are just looking for something that does the basics, and you want to go for a touchscreen and don’t mind using the screen for typing then a tablet would be your best bet. For those of you that need something with a bit more power, to cover that gaming addiction you have, or passion of photo editing then a laptop would be best for you. It is worth taking into consideration that i personally have yet to se a tablet come down with a virus, whereas laptops are frequently being infected, it does not mean to say that in the near future hackers and the like will start targetting tablet devices as they are becoming more and more popular. I have both a laptop and a tablet and i fully utilise them both and respect the, for what they can do and use them appropriatley , but i am also aware of the limitations that come with a tablet and even though they are designing more inovative apps on a daily basis it is quite obvious that a tablet is not a replacement for a laptop, not yet anyway!


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